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Work continues on the Hobo Pizza Truck.

| February 28th, 2013 | No Comments »

This week at Legion work continues on The Melt Truck with the installation of a PowerTech 40,000 watt turbo diesel generator. Ever wonder what the guts of a food truck look like. Click here to see pictures of the build out. Work also continues on the Hobo Pizza Truck. With all the interior equipment and counters test fitted, this Food Truck is almost on its way out! Stick around for more updates on this unique food truck in the coming days.

Food Trucks Unite! – Local food trucks in Minnesota have banned together to form the Twin Cities first Food Truck Association. The association will advocate for new food vending laws as well as issues facing a fast growing food truck industry.

Food truck gatherings now more popular than ever! Cities across the U.S are seeing a huge increase in the number of Food Truck meets. Local organizers have created stops and events specifically for Food Trucks. These Food Truck meets have increased in popularity allowing Food Truck Stops to spread to new areas. Compared to fixed brick and mortar locations these Food Trucks can be rotated in to consistently keep new and fresh flavors on the menu.

Food Trucks battle Nemo! See how dedicated Food Truck owners managed to battle back against a storm that covered most of the east coast in snow!

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