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Legion Manufacturing’s goal is to provide each customer with their ideal catering vehicle.  For Belicious, the idea was simple; to provide healthy, low cost, alternative snacks and drinks for festivals, parties and corporate events.

Equipped with multiple vita-mix blending station blenders and ample refrigeration, this Sprinter van represents efficiency at its best.  Rather than needing a traditional step van, Sprinter vans provide a modern and aesthetically pleasing platform for any catering vehicle while providing ample space for equipment and storage.


  • Vita-Mix Blending Stations
  • Purified Water Station
  • Caravell Reach-In Chest Freezer
  • True T19 Single Door Refrigerator
  • Over-Sized Ice Bins
  •  Triple Utensil Sink


  • LCD Menu Screen
  • Custom Interior
  • Powder Coat
  • Power Coated Wheels
  • - Custom Vinyl Wrap

Water Equipment

  • 30 Gl. Fresh Water Tank
  • 45 Gl. Waste Water Tank
  • 4 Gl. Water Heater
  • 30 Gl. Purified Water Tank


  • Cummins-Onan 8.5 Kilowatt Commercial Diesel Generator

360 Vehicle Interior.
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