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Chicago Food Trucks!

| February 28th, 2013 | No Comments »

This week work continues of the Hobo Pizza Truck and The Melt’s school bus restaurants. Housing inspections are booked and work till continue once the California Housing and Community Development Department has had a chance to inspect the electrical systems for these builds. At Legion safety is a priority and inspections such as this one ensure our structures and electrical connections are safe and meet state code.

Stay posted for further updates as we finish these two new food trucks.

Chicago Food Trucks! The city of Chicago recently approved a new ordinance allowing for the first time the actual cooking of food on a vehicle. In years past Chicago food trucks were only allowed to serve food that had been already prepared in a commercially approved kitchen. The Salsa Truck became the first full service food truck to operate in the downtown Chicago area. You can read the article here.


Interested in a custom health department approved vehicle? Legion works with every health department. Contact us today about starting your mobile food business.

Roaming Hunger Expands! – On Thursday, February 21, Roaming Hunger’s food truck locator expanded into Kansas City for the first time, allowing thousands of food truck enthusiasts to locate their favorite food trucks using Roaming Hungers online app. Roaming Hunger has now expanded into 33 different cities; organizing food truck venues and helping hungry fans find their favorite food trucks around town. Read the featured article here:

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