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The Best Catering Vehicles – Legion Difference!

Best Catering Vehicles – Construction


– All Legion food trucks are designed around our customer’s needs and requests. Each truck is built in order to facilitate the preparation and cooking of all its menu items. Rather than having to deal with a cookie cutter designs and inadequate equipment, Legion makes it a priority to ensure your kitchen will work exactly how you need it to. With a large selection of equipment options, no concept is out of reach for Legion Manufacturing.


– Legion implements the highest manufacturing standards. Legion food trucks are all built with quality and durability as a top priority. Legion counters, cabinets, sinks and storage compartments are all completely welded together; the use of rivets and fasteners is kept to a minimum to ensure the highest level of durability.

Legion also employs the use of color throughout its food trucks by using durable powder coats. The use of bright and vibrant colors can enhance the image of a food truck while taking away from the cold and impersonal feel that stainless steel provides.


– Legion specializes in innovation. Providing customers with completely custom food trucks has presented its own challenges over the years. Each request by a customer can represent its own series of challenges    that must be met with equally innovative designs. Legion’s experienced staff of developers and fabricators will work together to bring new and innovative ideas to every Legion food truck. With the use of LCD screens, LED lights, Speakers, Entertainment Centers, Point-of-Sale Systems, Neon Lights, and even Wifi, Legion food trucks have established themselves as being one-of-a-kind.

Creative Development

Legion’s team of designers and developers help customers with designing the perfect layout for their concept and vehicle. Using modern drafting techniques and years of health department experience, Legion can develop and design food trucks for almost any concept or idea. Legion’s team of designers can assist with such things as website development, graphic design, vinyl wrap design, and even LCD menu boards that can be easily updated. Legion can provide its customers with a complete creative development package to help ensure each customers success.


Legion employs the latest technology throughout its food trucks. With the incorporation of POS systems, LCD screens, LED Lights, Mobile DirecTV, Wi-fi, and other components, Legion food trucks provide a unique customer experience. Drawn in by the amount of lights, and sounds coming from their food truck, Legion customers can always expect to draw a crowd.


With Legion you can now schedule repairs and maintenance appointments at your convenience. Our skilled staff of fabricators and installers can also handle small and quick repairs the same day, keeping Legion food trucks on the road as much as possible. All Legion trucks are issued a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of delivery. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect and issues you may come across with the construction of your food truck.


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