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Advantages of Food Trucks vs. Brick and Mortar

Advantages of food trucks compared to traditional brick and mortar restaurant locations.

Food trucks represent a mobile, versatile, low cost restaurant. Compared to traditional brick and mortar locations, food truck can travel to their customers or set up in crowded locations to ensure a successful business day. Traditional brick and mortar locations must rely on their image, advertising and product to continually draw people in. Food trucks in comparison can use their mobility to visit a number of different locations and when combined with a good product, food trucks can draw a crowd at any location.

Food Trucks Vs. Brick & Mortar

  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Better Locations
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Avoid Payroll, Property and Other Taxes
  • Easier to Operate
  • Easier to Maintain


While food trucks can have a higher initial conversion cost than a restaurants kitchen, the over-all lower investment costs provide our customers with more working capital to expand their business. Not only are food trucks simpler and easier to start, they also have fewer permits and operational expenses than traditional brick and mortar locations.

As you can tell, a budget for a restaurant is much more impacted than one for a food truck. Restaurants can have a number of hidden or unforeseen costs that can easily push a project over its budget. Social media has recently provided a way for customers to track and follow a particular food truck. When combined with an ability to move to their customers or crowded areas, Food Trucks can almost ensure that every day will be a successful one.

Buying Vs. Renting

Many Food Truck owners in the industry have opted to rent their food truck over purchasing or financing one. Don’t be fooled into renting a food truck. Truck rentals or leases can put a substantial strain on your new business and can eat away the majority of your sales WITHOUT providing you a truck of your own. People who lease and rent trucks find themselves having to deal with a kitchen that is old, does not suit their needs, is unconventional, and generally is in disrepair. All Legion food trucks are designed around our customer’s specific needs and requests. Maintenance and repairs are also carried out immediately reducing downtime so that Legion food trucks are always on the road.

  • Customized food truck can increase your productivity
  • Legion food trucks stand out from among the rest!
  • Lowered operational costs will generate increased profits
  • New equipment will reduce break-downs and help avoid down time
  • Financing costs can be 50-75% lower than rental costs
  • All Legion food trucks have a 1 year limited warranty



Financing Options

The recent food truck boom has established the food truck as a legitimate profitable business. Banks are starting to see the huge opportunities that these mobile restaurants can provide and have started opening their doors to new and existing food truck owners.

That this means for you: The majority of individuals that start food trucks do so with money they have worked very hard for. People save for years on end in the hopes of one day starting their own business and being their own boss, after which these same people spend years trying to recover their initial investment. There is a better way. New financing options by large commercial banks are making it an easier process to obtain start-up capital for your new business. Having more working capital will not only allow you to build out your ideal truck but it will also give you additional funds for operations and a greater peace of mind. The additional capital provided by a bank can be used for things such as booking events, truck upgrades, maintenance, and can eventually allow you to start your second and third food truck.

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